Should You Build Your Own Website or Hire a Professional to Build it for You?

Today, there are MANY great web site builders available that are fairly easy to use, so the question is not whether you CAN build your own website. This question is… SHOULD you build your own website?

Let’s face it, your website is probably the most important marketing tool for your business, and the internet is one place where a small company can outshine a big company without draining their bank account.

If you are in a highly competitive business up against companies with great websites, attempting to create your own website is probably not advisable. If however, you own a small business where a more homely feeling website expresses your core business values better, creating your own website may actually work in your favor.

Below are some guidelines to help make the best decision:

Skills you should have to create your own website:

  • You should be very competent with a computer.
  • You should be somewhat creative and artistic.
  • You should have basic graphic design skills (re-sizing, cropping, and basic image editing).
  • You should have an understanding of html basics .
  • You should be competent with software like text editors and/or flyer creators.

When it makes sense to create your own website:

  • When you can’t afford to hire someone.
  • If your business won’t be negatively affected by a homemade looking website.
  • If you are good with graphic editing.
  • When you have a lot of time on your hands to learn how to be efficient with a website building program.

When it makes sense to hire a professional website designer:

  • When you can afford it.
  • When your time is better spent on other aspects of your business.
  • When your business can’t afford to have a homemade looking website.
  • When you want to outshine all of your competition on the internet.
  • If you believe that your website will be your most powerful marketing tool.





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