Should I invest in a video for my website?

Online video has exploded since 2005-2006. That is when YouTube came on the scene and online video changed from a niche market to mass market. If you want to stay on top of the online game and your competition, you should be using video to help convey your marketing message to your potential customers.

Check out these statistics:

  • ComScore found that over 75% of Internet users watch videos online.
  • According toThe Global Web Index,from Trendstream, with research conducted by Lightspeed Research, early in 2009 72% of US Internet users watched video clips monthly – making video bigger than blogging or social networking.
  • According to that survey, 62% of US Internet users watched at least one clip a week, a figure that Lightspeed analysts translated into 97 million weekly viewers. By contrast, Nielsen Online pegged the number of US online video viewers in April 2009 at nearly 117 million.
  • In May 2009 according to BSM Media research, 90% of mothers have watched an online video in the past week. Yahoo says it’s even higher. Moms visiting view 11-15 videos per session and they currently have over 500 mom Vloggers.
  • Nielson wire states that in September of 2009 the time spent watching online video was up 25%.
  • eMarketer estimates that there will be 190 million online video viewers by 1012 – that’ really not too far away!
  • The Kelsey Group surveyed 501 adults. Of the 59% that said they watched an online video ad 43% went to check out the website mentioned in the video. The chart for that is on
  • One more fact from Nielson – 57% of Americans with Internet access at home multitasked at least monthly by using the Web and TV at the same time.




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