General Costs Associated with having a Website

Domain Name: Typically $10-$20/year depending on who you buy from.

Website Hosting: Typically $5-$10/month

Website Design costs: No way to estimate.

Website Maintenance: If you get a website with a content management system, you should be able to do most of the maintenance yourself. If that is not the case, you can expect to pay $50-$100/hour for website updates.

Shopping Cart: (for e-commerce sites): Good 3rd party shopping carts cost $30/month and up depending on your traffic volume and how many products you have. Some may even charge a percentage of sales on top of monthly fees.

Merchant Account (for sites that accept credit card payments): Monthly fees typically run $20/month plus a small percentage of sales (3-4%).

Marketing Costs: This will typically be the biggest expense associated with your website. Keep in mind that having a nice website with no traffic will not do you much good. It is also not usually beneficial to spend a lot of money to drive traffic to an unprofessional looking website. If you are going to spend money marketing your website, make sure your website looks good enough to make visitors take action!

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