The Truth about SEO

I have been involved in multiple businesses outside of web design that require intensive online marketing strategies, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in my opinion is something that is definitely NOT worth paying for.

Through my experience as a multiple online business owner, here’s what I have learned about SEO:

1. According to most “experts,” SEO takes several months to start creating traffic. Who really wants to wait several months before they start getting traffic to their website?

2. SEO “specialists” are pretty much all con artists in my opinion. They take your money up front and make promises that cannot be fulfilled for several months. By the time you know they are a crook, they are long gone and you have no recourse.

3. I have yet to find a SEO Specialist who was willing to get paid based on performance. That in itself should raise the red flag!

4. Getting on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing is virtually impossible on popular key words in today’s environment. I have never worked with a SEO Specialist that got my website on the first page with a worthwhile keyword. (and I have spent thousands on SEO.) Remember, there are MILLIONS of websites competing for most popular search terms, but only 10 are on the first page at any given time… those are not good odds!

5. All SEO Specialists only make guarantees to get you on the first page of major search engines for keywords that generate hardly any traffic. Why would anyone want to pay thousands of dollars to get a dozen visitors per month six months from now? It makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

6. In my experience, it was more cost effective to just use Pay Per Click Search Term advertising over SEO. When I did the math (and math never lies), the cost per click using Paid Advertising was better than what I got when I paid for SEO. Not to mention, paid search term advertising got me converting traffic NOW… not 6 months from now.

7. The search engines are CONSTANTLY changing their search engine algorithms, so even if someone were able to get you atop the search engines with a good keyword, the likelihood of it staying their is very low.

In Summary: In my experience, SEO should be something you do on your own as a website owner and not something you waste money paying for. With my one website that got the best Search Engine Rankings, I had the most good content and I spent a lot of time getting other websites to link back to my website.

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